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Join the Bethesda/Chevy Chase Coaches Coffee Meetings!

Are you an ICF certified coach in the Greater Metro D.C. area who is looking to be part of an inspired professional coaching community?

What we do:
Our community meets locally almost every month.
Meetings are 1.5 hours long and focus on community building/networking, professional growth, and inspiration.

Meeting Structure:
Every meeting starts with a round of introductions - not an elevator pitch. We want to get to know one another, not sell to one another.
Meetings typically have topics and guest speakers relevant to coaching/consulting professionals.

Speakers in the past have presented on a variety of topics, including how to protect your intellectual property, networking techniques, packaging your product, and using winning self-talk to achieve anything.

Need someone to build your website? Are you looking for a photographer? Or maybe you are searching for an event location? At our meetings, we always have an opportunity for members to ask for and share resources.

The meeting dates for 2020 are:
April 8
May 13
June 10
July 8
Sep 9
October 14
no meetings in August, November, and December

A Continuing Education Credit is awarded for attending coffee meetings.

Attend one of the meetings and be part of the community!

8 April Meeting topic:  10 Financial Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs 

Most self-employed people are in business for themselves providing a service or selling product that they are passionate about. They love what they do and are good at it but are they running their operation like a business? Especially during these challenging times, setting your business up for financial success is key.

Give your business a financial health check. Our presenter, Eva Scott, will help you gain clarity and control in the areas of:

  • Pricing: are you charging according to the value you provide
  • Financial Structures: the financial structures necessary to protect yourself, your income and your business
  • Escape Plan: What is your exit strategy?

It is important to pay proper attention to the financial side of your business. Eva Scott will provide ten easy tips to set up some disciplines around proactive money management.



For motivated individuals at midlife who are unhappily successful and are ready to turn their life into the direction of their dreams.




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