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Creating Calm in a Busy Life 

Did you know that work stress can be as unhealthy as second-hand smoke?

Through the use of technology, people are working longer hours than ever before. Additional hours spent commuting, preparations before getting to work add up quickly. Overextending and overworking yourself can cause significant losses - in the quality of your relationships, the quality of your work, and your health. Overwhelm, stress, and anxiety are often a result of a busy but unbalanced life.

This session is for you if want to:

  • improve the quality of your life
  • prevent (recover from) burnout
  • identify critical areas for change for maximum impact
  • increase your presence in each moment as life unfolds
  • live more passionately
  • lead with greater ease and impact

A balanced life will benefit all aspects of life; you will be         

working less and producing more.

This one hour class is offered:

online and in person.

Contact us to find out about

upcoming training sessions. 



For motivated individuals at midlife who are unhappily successful and are ready to turn their life into the direction of their dreams.




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About Akasha

The drive to Akasha is full of gorgeous vistas of the Blue Mountains, beautiful country homes and picturesque views that will make you want to pause and drink in the scenery.  When you arrive, the first thing you may notice is the faint scent of fir and pine and a stillness that settles on you like a blanket. You’ll find yourself walking softer, already at peace.

Wander into the retreat center, a remodeled chapel, with dark brown rafters that invite the eyes upward or visit the fire circle, and let the view of the mountains draw you in.  You’ll sleep in Emerson House, cozy group living, an adult dormitory for those who also love B&Bs. Downstairs, the dining area is reminiscent of an old Italian farmhouse, with an open view of the master kitchen. You are welcome to use the kitchen and bring your own snacks. But trust us, we won’t let you go hungry!

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