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Successful people don't go it alone.

Great athletes and powerful leaders all have the support of someone keeping them accountable, to help them push through barriers, and to go beyond what they thought was possible. How can coaching help you?

    Q.   What can I expect from working with you as my coach?

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with me as a coach:

- design your own path                                        - have more passion in life

- quiet your inner critic                                         - establish better boundaries

- improve relationships                                        - discover new possibilities

- redefine how you measure success                 - change course at mid-life

- navigate career changes                                  - become more physically active     

There are a variety of coaching approaches and definitions. I see people as whole human beings. Whether you are showing up at work, with your family, or anywhere in between, you bring all of who you are into every part of your life.

When you grow and strengthen one area of your life, improvement in other areas follows naturally. When I work with you, I take all of you into account.   

    Q.    Can we work together even if we are not located in the same time zone/ country?

Absolutely! I have worked with clients around the globe. As long as you have internet access that allows you to utilize services such as What'sApp, Zoom, Skype, etc. we can work together.

    Q.    How will we work together?

Most people have busy lives and want to spend as little time as possible queuing in traffic. Many clients enjoy the convenience of having coaching sessions on the phone. This allows greater flexibility, and clients sometimes dedicate their lunch hour or time before work to coaching. If you live in the greater Washington D.C., we also offer packages that provide on-site services.

Q.    What is coaching, and how is it different from counseling, mentoring, or consulting?

The coaching relationship is a partnership between the coach and the client. The coach is an expert in creating a space for growth, partnering for a thought-proving and creative process that inspires a client to maximize their personal and professional potential. While a coach is an expert and utilizing tools and techniques, it is the client who has to do the work.

There are no set rules that differentiate counseling from coaching, but in general, counselors are trained to diagnose and help clients with emotional problems, the past, or dysfunctions. The coaching process is future-oriented.

A mentor is a teacher who shares their experiences to bring the mentee up the ranks. Mentors are wise guides and advisors. A coach does not have to be a subject matter expert in order to help clients to create massive shifts.

Consultants are often hired when professional or technical advice or opinions are needed.  They are relied on to understand the problem and present specific solutions. In coaching, the answers to problems are not prescriptive.

You have a question I didn't cover?

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