Supporting amazing people through major life transitions and intense periods in their lives is a privilege.  I feel honored that I have been and am able to support and witness their transformations. 

Below you can read a selection of testimonials from clients sharing about our work together. 

Thank you for sharing your stories!


„Nicoletta is an amazing coach who helped me organize my thoughts and put a solid action plan for my goals.  She was warm, challenging, and dedicated to my success. Working with her helped me tremendously,


I was able to set my priorities and start my own freelancing journey."


- Nima, Business Owner, Saudi Arabia

„THANK YOU, Nicoletta, for your brilliant coaching sessions.


Your heart is always present and you truly care about the human well being."


- Enrique, HR manager, USA


"I turned to Nicoletta when I had so much on my plate that I couldn't balance it all. She was extremely patient with me and always asked just the right questions to help me figure out solutions to sooo many different types of challenges!  She also shared amazing insights on family, work, and life in general.

I gained so much confidence through her coaching that I stepped up to opportunities that I would have not even considered previously.

In the coaching world, Nicoletta is definitely among the top!!"

- Kathy, OD Practitioner, USA

„Nicoletta pushed me beyond what I thought was possible, enabled me to think outside of the box, and encouraged me to utilize my creativity, experience, and just plain old common sense to overcome obstacles,

setbacks and my own negative self-talk.  Our sessions always left me feeling empowered and ready to face any obstacle with positivity, eagerness, and fearlessness. Our rapport was amazing!

Her coaching has helped me to close the Gap and make strategic decisions to advance in my current career."

- Ericka, Project Manager, USA

„Nicoletta is a no-nonsense life coach, with an amazing wisdom. I have changed a great deal, have achieved goals that seemed unattainable at first. But step by step, the change happened almost all of a sudden.

She showed me ways of achieving my goals and got me up and running when I was stuck so I could see what was possible. Thanks so much!"

- Ella, dedicated mother, USA



For motivated individuals at midlife who are unhappily successful and are ready to turn their life into the direction of their dreams.




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